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  1. C:\> choco install eclipse

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Eclipse 4.12


    Eclipse is famous for our Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE), but our C/C++ IDE and PHP IDE are pretty cool too. You can easily combine language support and other features into any of our default packages, and the Eclipse Marketplace allows for virtually unlimited customization and extension. ### Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Tools... More information

  2. C:\> choco install groovy

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Groovy 2.5.7


    1. Download a binary - e.g. `` 1. Run `checksum -t=sha256`, copy the resulting hash 1. Edit to `install.ps1` file - update the hash 1. Edit to `.nuspec` file - update version 1. Run `cpack` command in folder with `.nuspec` file 1. Upload the resulting `.nupkg` file to Chocolatey site. Y... More information

  3. C:\> choco install grails

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Grails 3.3.10


    Grails is an Open Source, full stack, web application framework for the JVM. It takes advantage of the Groovy programming language and convention over configuration to provide a productive and stream-lined development experience. This package assumes that the Java JDK has already been installed and that the JAVA\_HOME machine environment vari... More information